Head Shots

Headshots are the number one marketing tool in many industries. People that want to get to know you, will get an instant feel who you are in 3 seconds or less. This is why it’s so important that your headshots represent who you are. Let’s make you stand out and shoot some images that will get peoples’ attention.My philosophy stands firm that a modern, clean and artistic way of shooting portraits is what will help you stand out.THE SHOOTAt Sherrie Blondin Photography, we have the luxury of working in the perfect environment that can be studio based or environmentally shot outside.  This type of shooting is very popular these days.  Sherrie is very proud to say that her quality output is extremely consistent, making it a true “what you see is what you get” experience. If we didn’t get a chance to meet in person and only talked on the phone or via email, Sherrie likes to take the time at the beginning of each session to sit down and chat a bit so she can get to know you better before starting the shoot. This also helps to get the necessary details needed to produce the right images for you.A typical session runs around 2 hours and 250-400 shots is typical for a headshot shoot. Whe never shoots more than two clients in a single day to guarantee that every client gets her full attention and never feels rushed, even if we end up going over-time. Sherrie shoots tethered, meaning every image will be directly transferred from the camera into the computer, making it possible for us to see the shots we take as we go along. This part of her workflow is essential as it allows us to inspect the images closely and determine each shot’s potential. We’ll also be reviewing and editing your session together in between changes, so we get the chance to focus on seeing if there’s anything you feel we might have missed up to that point. Sherrie can adjust and know exactly what to work on to get the results you are looking for. Once the session is done you’ll end up with somewhere between 60-120 images to choose from.
While working with her you will learn that she is very dedicated to only providing you with the best quality possible. As headshots are the marketing tool that decides whether or not you will get your foot in the door of many industries, it is crucial that only the absolute best images of the session will be making the final selection, usually bringing it down to about 1/3 of the images shot during our session. Sherrie will help you decide on the very best headshot. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you’re sure to get the perfect image.