Fine Art is an understatement of what you gave to our family. I cannot thank you enough for your absolutely amazing wall portrait and gorgeous albums of four generations of women.

I started out looking for a studio to take a few simple photos of me and my six-year old daughter. After one conversation with you, I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to also capture this moment in time with my grandmother, mother, and twin sister. Thank you so much for allowing me to see the moment in the first place so that I would bring everyone together. Then, thank you for so effortlessly capturing the essence of each of us in the portraits. The session was easy, and the portraits are stunning.

I have never seen us – the love, the connection, the moment – captured like that. The depth and beauty of each portrait is so incredible. Each portrait represents who we are and how we love each other. You see us laughing and hugging and loving one another so tenderly, so happily, in such amazing definition. Really, the portraits are so incredibly natural and fun and warm and truly beautiful. Thank you so very much. I smile every time I look at the wall portrait. As my grandmother says, it was the gift of a lifetime.

Tina Johnson

I do feel that after first seeing your work that there could have been no other photographer for me. Your portraits speak volumes of the people, the faces, and the lives they’ve lived. I cannot tell you all that I see when I look at that stunning photograph of our little family. There is so much there for me. It has touched me to the core. We just had to hang it immediately last night, and when we did, we were both moved to tears. Again.

What a pleasure to have spent time with you, Sherrie. A pleasure!
This was our first professional photo session as a family and Sherrie made it a lot of fun and were very good at getting our cranky toddler to participate.

Every time I look at our walls and see our family portraits I am so happy that we had them done. I will never tire of looking at them. Not only do they capture us as a family in a style that’s unforgettable, they are beautiful works of art that we will always treasure.

Thanks again, Mark and Jennifer.

We hung our photographs of Anika and Sydney that you created. We have received numerous compliments from relatives and guests about the pieces.

mentioned you to another photographer who said that you are well respected in the industry, and known for your work in black and white and for your lighting. Word gets around when you do good work.

Thanks for your diligence in this project. Again, this was a priceless experience. Sidney Poitier, Los Angeles

We are loving our pictures!!! We hung the two large portraits in the spot we planned and they look beautiful! I find myself frequently just sitting and taking them in, they are so beautiful and peaceful.

They truly cause me to pause and reflect and find myself renewed after such a moment. These photos were extra special, if you recall, with this being a year of many milestones ~ Aaron and I both turned 40, Sarah graduated from high school and turned 21, Grace turned 5 and started kindergarten and Aaron and I celebrated ten years of marriage. The photos are a true reminder of the many blessings in our life.

Sherrie was my first photographer that I worked with professionally. My friend hired Sherrie for her modeling portfolio and I was impressed with her artful eye and called her and booked her. This was the beginning of many sessions with Sherrie. One of my favorite shoots with Sherrie was with my brother Oliver, It brought my mom to tears. It was an great experience. We worked together over year and I still look at those photographs and brings me back to a amazing time. Sherrie down to earth approach and warmth always made me feel like I was with an old friend. Thank you Sherrie!!!

Kate Hudson