For those who wish to enter into the world of modeling, it’s important to understand what to expect when working with fashion photographers at a photo shoot. There are many unique elements to consider, and some enter the industry with little understanding on how the process works once the photo shoot begins. With many decades’ experience as one of Santa Rosa’s leading fashion photographers, Sherrie Rochelle Blondin explains three important considerations for photo shoots. Continue reading

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Layout 1The process of selecting a wedding photographer might not seem like the most important decision a couple will make concerning their wedding day. But it’s important to remember that the photographs taken of the event will be the only take-home piece of the day and will preserve the memory for a lifetime. Couples have to consider the question “What memories do we want to take home from our wedding day?” In this article, expert wedding photographer Sherrie Rochelle Blondin explains three of the most common mistakes couples make when selecting wedding photographers. Continue reading


Santa Rosa, CA-based wedding photographer Sherrie Rochelle Blondin is now highlighting the benefits of our work for couples choosing their wedding photographers in Santa Rosa this summer. Sherrie has comprehensive experience as a trusted event photographer, and her unique sense of style has helped couples capture once-in-a-lifetime moments through her lens. It’s a professional service now available to couples throughout Santa Rosa.

A couple’s wedding day should be a treasured memory, an event that they enjoy in the moment and can hold in their thoughts for all time. But for those who hire the wrong wedding photographer, the event can become a challenging experience. It’s important for Santa Rosa couples investing in a wedding photographer’s services to choose a specialist with years of experience. And that’s why many are now selecting the expertise of Sherrie Rochelle Blondin.

Sherrie Rochelle Blondin’s wedding photography portfolio is among the most respected in the marketplace. It highlights her ability to capture the personalities of those within her photographs, as well as her unparalleled skill in showcasing the importance of the occasion in each photograph she creates. Working with Sherrie Rochelle Blondin will ensure couples have access to professional photography for their wedding day and treasured mementos for the happy years afterward.

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It’s a question that thousands of couples across the U.S. consider each year as they plan their wedding events. In making their choice and deciding on their wedding photographers, Santa Rosa couples must learn about the wedding photography process and what the role of the photographer entails. Within this article, experienced wedding photography specialist, Sherrie Rochelle Blondin will explore the subject: what qualities are important in selecting good wedding photographers for Santa Rosa couples.

A Strong Online Portfolio

It’s important for wedding photographers to have a dynamic portfolio featuring samples of their previous work. This will allow the couple to review the compositions the photographer uses and the style choices they make when taking their pictures. By closely analyzing their portfolio, couples can then make a more effective choice on the photographer they require for their important day.


In selecting wedding photographers, Santa Rosa couples should ensure the photographer is exceptionally responsive to their needs. Whether it’s exchanging emails within a short time frame or calling back quickly to discuss an emerging issue, the photographer should be able to offer first-class service during the pre-event stages. This type of responsive service highlights the photographer’s work ethic and shows they’ll likely be just as professional when working at the event.


Just as important as having a strong portfolio is the photographer’s direct event experience. Having experience at hundreds of previous weddings will ensure they’re able to respond should a problem occur on the day. This type of experience will prepare them for problems such as a weather changes and technical issues and will help protect the couple’s investment in their services.


The chemistry between the couple and their photographer will help improve the pictures the photographer creates. This chemistry is not always easy for couples to achieve, but it can be developed over time. It’s the reason why many wedding event management professionals recommend meeting with the wedding photographer several times before the event begins to go over their process and to address any problems that might arise on the day.

Service Diversity

Couples across Santa Rosa can often reduce the cost of their events by finding a trusted wedding photographer that is able to complete their makeup for the wedding as well as provide professional photography services. This type of service diversity will also help the couple save time finding and interviewing prospective makeup specialists for their event.

By considering the available wedding photographers in their area carefully, Santa Rosa couples can ensure their happy day is a glorious and fondly remembered occasion. To learn more on how to select quality wedding photographers, contact Sherrie Rochelle Blondin directly today at 707-342-1959, or visit

Photographer Sherrie Rochelle Blondin offers clients a comprehensive wedding photography service designed to help enhance and capture the timeless memories of wedding events. Sherrie’s skill as a photographer is her ability to create a piece of living art to bring moments to life through her lens. It’s the reason she’s so renowned within the local marketplace.

Creating that ideal wedding photo takes years of practice and a comprehensive understanding of both camera functionality and human behavior. It requires the photographer to select precisely the right moment for the shot. This is a skill set for which Sherrie Rochelle Blondin is widely respected within the wedding photography field. Her work has earned her plaudits throughout the industry and from her many clients. She offers her services to help happy couples celebrate and capture those cherished once-in-a-lifetime wedding moments.

With over ten years’ experience as a photographer, makeup artist, set designer and stylist, Sherrie Rochelle Blondin has a proven ability to create insightful and graceful imagery. Her style of wedding photography is candid and photo journalistic, as she eschews the formal and helps couples celebrate this deeply personal occasion in unique style. Her event work is non-intrusive and is designed to ensure couples can focus purely on the joy of their wedding day, as she encapsulates each moment through her camera lens. It’s the type of professional service that assures an unforgettable event experience and a lifetime of happy memories.

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Corporate leaders are now expected to be personable, approachable and engaged with the business community. Gone are the days when heads of companies were an unknown entity. Now, growing firms must ensure their leaders are connected with audiences online. Professional headshots can be a critical element in this ongoing branding process.

Within this article, experienced photographer Sherrie Rochelle Blondin outlines three of the leading reasons why professionals now require headshots.

  1. Making an Instant Connection that Lasts

A skilled photographer can bring out a business leader’s personality. They can help present a specifically intended image within their client’s workplace and help leaders to command a presence in their marketplace. Working with a professional photographer can help corporate heads lessen the chance of confusion within their branding. With skilled headshots, leaders can project an image that immediately conveys the trustworthiness of the business.

  1. Building a Unified Online Profile

Before making their purchase, thousands of online shoppers will search for a company and its staff online. By working with an expert photographer on professional headshots, companies can respond to proactive online customers by creating an online profile that is carefully designed to evoke a specific type of appeal.

Leading photographers can help business owners project an image that blends within a range of online profile types. Whether the photo is intended to be a fun image for a social media profile or a more professional image for use within email footers, it’s a process that helps leaders retain full control over their projected image wherever they’re interacting with their brand audience.

  1. Achieving a Competitive Advantage

Customers often encounter two types of service providers when they review their market options. The first is a company that is growing but hasn’t taken the time to hone their professional image. The photographs this type of company utilizes are often stock photos designed to project a general appearance without offering insight into a company and its team.

The second type of company is one that has had expertly composed photos taken of each member of their team. Their photos project their members in professional clothing at their work within an office environment. More often than not, the customer will choose the services of the second company. Expertly created photos project a business that is ready to take on any challenge.

Professional photos can make a resounding difference in a company’s public image. To discover more on the range of benefits professional headshots can offer an organization, speak with Sherrie Rochelle Blondin directly at 707-342-1959, or visit her business website today at

The Arabian or Arab horse, is a breed of horse that originated on the Arabian Peninsula. With a distinctive head shape and high tail carriage, the Arabian is one of the most easily recognizable horse breeds in the world. It is also one of the oldest breeds, with archaeological evidence of horses that resemble modern Arabians dating back 4,500 years.”….large liquid dark eyes of oval shape set deep down towards the middle of the skull.” Is what I took notice of when I walked up to these elegant beauties.” I could hardly wait to capture them out in the field in there natural elements. I could not stop photographing them tell the sun left us. Took my breath away…..  Jim and Cathy were such a delight to work with as well. To see how proud they are of there beauties and capture them in a life style shoot on there ranch was a great experience.  I was running alone the horses at times to capture them in a different light. Such grace and elegance.  The sun was just about gone and I had Cathy and Jim stand side by side and look into the sunset while there horses relaxed after a hour of running around in the back ground.  It all came together so natural and organically. Very Blessed and pleased.

The indwelling gentle spirit of Arabian horses finds expression in their intelligent, sympathetic features, the glory of their beautiful countenance and in their soulful eyes.” – Carl Raswan

I was contacted by a local high end realtor for new branding and marketing images.  Ernest was wanting to capture Sonoma county as a beautiful backdrop to his new images.  I came up with the ideas of vineyards and high end homes that reflect his demographic for the backgrounds to his new branding.

Ernest Berghof specializes in matching discriminating buyers with fine wine country homes. As Broker Associate for Berghof Realty @ Coldwell Banker Wine Country, Ernest uses his deep market knowledge and industry connections to help his clients fulfill their real estate dreams in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Although much of Berghof Realty’s business in focused on the high end market, Ernest always maintains a thriving clientele of mid-market and first time home buyers.

“I believe owning a home is more than finding shelter. A home is where your memories are made. A home is where your family and friends gather. In a fundamental way, our home defines who we are and who we want to be,” explains Ernest.

This was a last minute shot for Emily Harrington. Emily is the VP and Brand Relationship Manager of Sonoma Summit Bank. Emily was just awarded the most successful woman under 40 in Sonoma County award and needed a shot within a few days for a publication. Emily is beautiful! I wanted to get the perfect shot for her. We started photographing Emily at the bank but I was not excited about the images and the way they were coming out. The images were not capturing her power, confidence and beauty. So I recommend we move to a beautiful local location and she agreed. Within 10 minutes we got several imagines that were prefect. I will always get the shot even if it means taking my client to another location. Changing locations can change energy and so much more. My favorite image is the power shot! The one with the wind blowing her hair perfectly. I also love the twilight lighting, the feeling of power and how her moving forward in the image confidently but comfortably helps her show she’s looking into the future.