WHAT IS BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY?Well it actually depends on the photographer you ask. Sherrie says that boudoir photography is sexy, private photos that a woman takes to celebrate her unique beauty, body, style and personality. Boudoir photography can make for a fabulous gift for a hubby, partner or a gift to her self. But more than that, it is a wonderful confidence boosting experience for the woman taking the boudoir photos. In fact we hear that many woman get multiple boudoir photo shoots in their lifetime as a treat to themselves.While boudoir photography can have a risque association, we actually like to think of it as a way to combat society’s negative view on beauty, which can often be described as featuring only thin/tall women on magazine covers as the official “beautiful.” The truth is that every woman is beautiful in her own unique way, and Sherrie feels a photo shoot better helps her harness that and celebrate it for herself.

Boudoir photos are typically taken in lingerie, but don’t have to be. Many woman take the sexy photos in a pretty dress or cute outfit. Many of my boudoir sessions could be considered fine art nudes. It’s up to you and Sherrie to create it. With her 20 years of experience she can take you through your session a-z with ease. Sherrie specializes in make up and hair and has the natural ability to guide you through comfortable, sexy poses.