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Sherrie Rochelle Blondin

Intriguing, inspiring, and captivating; Sherrie is truly a master photographer with a artful eye for simplicity in classical and contemporary portraits. The approach: making the clients comfortable in taking the memorable journey with Sherrie to create unique and timeless image. What is produced: One of a kind art captured to cherish and remember for years to come. Sherrie has over ten years experience as a photographer, make up artist, set designer, and stylist. within the first year of opening her studio in the heart of Los Angeles; she excelled, photographed, and worked with famous celebrities and magazines. The experience of photographing for fashion magazines and commercial print, combined with inspiring talent, has enabled Sherrie to mix her wide arrangement of genres and intrinsic style to create insightful imagery that will last a lifetime. Sherrie’s wedding style is candid, photojournalistic, truly emotional, and avoiding the sterile formalized technique of controlling one of the most important occasions of your life. Of course, Sherrie photographs formal groups and request for certain types, but it is done in a efficient and smooth manner, so that you may enjoy your wedding in the best way. With a nonintrusive attitude and artful eye, Sherrie captures the spontaneous events that unfold on that very special day. The interaction and energy is related through the imagery, and the photographs create your one of a kind wedding story you will cherish for ages to come.

Please feel free to view Sherrie various categories of photography and portraiture to get a glimpse into our creativity.

Portait Fashion Winery

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Tel: 707-342-1959