Fashion & Glamour

Sherrie started out as a fashion photographer and shot for many magazines and celebrities. Sherrie also owned an agency in L.A. and modeled for Ford models for years. Sherrie is as well a make up artist and stylist. Sherrie feels comfortable saying she can capture you and help build your portfolio. She could even possibly help you get an agent or simply up date your portfolio as well.

A photo shoot is a big deal. Especially if it is your first photo shoot. In order to make your photo shoot go as smoothly as possible, Sherrie has come up with a list of items to think about which can help you get prepared. Perhaps the most important things to consider are your need for a wardrobe stylist and or a hair and make-up person. Generally speaking, if you have the budget for a makeup artist or a wardrobe stylist she strongly suggest using one. It can make all the difference. If you are not using a wardrobe stylist, think about the clothes that you will need for the shoot. Will you need to go out and buy new clothes for the shoot? You should have at least as many outfits as looks that you intend to have done during the photo shoot.

For example; for a “three look” headshot, bring at least 3 different outfits. She generally advises bringing more clothes than you think are necessary. You want to make sure that the clothes you bring fit the image that you wish to portray. It is also very important that you are comfortable in the clothes you bring. Be sure to bring proper underwear, socks, t-shirts, belts and shoes. Also, if we are doing a shoot outside, be sure to bring appropriate clothes for the weather. If you are using a hair stylist and or a makeup artist, come to the studio with a clean face with no makeup and with your hair dry as well as without product in it. If you are allergic to any products let the hair stylist and or makeup artist know in advance. During a photo shoot we will start with the look that requires the least hair and makeup and then build on top of the foundation.

Sherrie has a long list of poses that she uses. She suggests that you practice posing in front of the mirror before you come to the photo shoot. I recommend looking though the type and use of media that you are having your pictures taken for (i.e. music promo, modeling, headshot) and look at poses for them. If you have any special music that you want to be played during the photo shoot, be sure to bring it with you. We always have music playing in the studio and Sherrie has a wide assortment.

Remember that a photo shoot is a creative process. Throughout the booking process and in the days leading up to the shoot, it is important that we have good communication. We need to make sure in fashion photography that the ideas and concepts for the shoot are in place before hand so that everything goes well on the shoot day. Lastly but most importantly, bring a good attitude to the photo shoot! If you prepare before the big day and put some time and effort into what you want to get out of it, it will be a fun, relaxed process for everyone involved.

Remember, you’re one click away from your new image.