Sherrie Bondin is a makeup artist, hair stylist, clothing stylist that got known in Los Angeles and has since began living in Sonoma County.  Sherrie has had the privilege of working with different and unique people from all over the world. From bridal makeup, editorial makeup, and special occasion makeup, Sherrie is able to create different looks by request from clients. The trust a client can give Sherrie is crucial. Being a professional makeup artist, Sherrie has an eye for what looks best on each of my clients, and they all end up leaving very happy!

Sherrie is known by her clients and professionals in the wedding industry for being reliable, calm and confident with  skill and expertise including her unique signature hair and makeup style that stands out above the rest. Her styles are easily recognizable as a soft and natural look that is subtle and elegant, similar what you might see on the Red Carpet, perfect for a bride on her wedding day and beyond.  Sherrie’s top priority is that a bride is relaxed, happy and the most beautiful she could possibly be on her wedding day. Sherrie has been inspiration and has been a trailblazer for many hair and makeup artists who are trying their hand at simulating Sherrie’s creative techniques on their own clients.

“I feel that most anyone can apply make-up. However, most of my clients don’t want to look ” made up “. The real challenge and true artistry of the professional hair and make up artist is in the ability to create a final look where all eyes are on the individual…..not merely focused on the make up or the hair. This is especially important on the wedding day when a bride wants to look her best! Make up needs to be applied properly to look great on camera, while also looking great for friends and family.”
~ Sherrie Blondin

Therefore, her ultimate goal as a hair and make-up artist is to enhance her client’s best features, but also not to distract from their natural beauty with too much make-up or “prom hair.” The end result should be that the client feels they are not wearing a mask or a helmet, but they feel comfortable and like themselves, but exceptionally beautiful.