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One woman’s story about what brought her to Sherrie Blondin Photography for maternity photography.

Why did you decide to have a maternity photography session?
I wanted to have a visual documentation of my first pregnancy. Something that would capture the significance of the time in my life and serve as a beautiful memento for my husband.

How did you select Sherrie Blondin to be your maternity photographer?
Sherrie’s portfolio had a special something that other boudoir photographers were unable to capture. Her subjects looked so relaxed, happy, and most of all beautiful! Sherrie was able to highlight the best attributes of her clients and made them look stylish and fabulous.

What was your experience of being photographed by Sherrie Blondin?
I felt like a queen from the moment I walked in the door. I loved getting fussed over with hair and makeup, working with Sherrie on styling the shoot, and just relaxing knowing that I could leave the rest to her. Sherrie would share a couple sneak peeks of the shots as she was snapping away and I was amazed by what I saw. I walked out of there feeling confident, beautiful, and assured that my photographs would exceed all expectations.

How did you feel when you got your photographs?
Floored! I thought I would be lucky to find a handful of usable shots before going into it as I was 30 weeks pregnant and feeling less than gorgeous. But once I saw the proofs, I could not decide which I liked best. I was impressed with the composition of the shots and her talent to find the most flattering poses. I knew I had made the best decision to choose Sherrie to do my maternity shots.

How has your perception of yourself changed since your portrait session with Sherrie and why?
It has been a confidence booster to see myself through the lens of an artist who finds the most beautiful attributes to highlight in her photos. When I look at my photographs, I see a happy, glowing, pregnant mama to be instead of the tired, achy, swollen pregnant lady I felt like most days

What was your husbands reaction to his gift of your maternity photographs?
He was surprised at first and couldn’t believe I was able to pull it off without him finding out about the session. After that initial reaction, he was touched that we had a beautiful memory of the moment that perfectly captured the anticipation and excitement we felt when awaiting our little boy. He couldn’t stop flipping through the pages of my album over and over.

How has your maternity session with Sherrie impacted your relationship?
I think my husband gained a little more respect for me knowing that I went out of my comfort zone to have the photographs taken so that we would have the memory of my pregnancy. Having the sexy shots certainly didn’t hurt!

When do you plan on your next session with Sherrie? Why will you do it again and what will you focus on?
I would do one every month if I could! I would love to do it after my baby turns one as a way to congratulate myself for surviving the first year of motherhood and to serve as a reminder to put myself first once in awhile.

How did Sherrie’s makeup and hair styling work out for you? Why do you think it made a difference?
It made all the difference. She created the perfect look to complement the fashion styling in the shoot. The makeup was able to stand up to the camera without looking overdone. Having my hair and makeup professionally done took all of the stress off of me and I was really able to feel relaxed knowing I was in the hands of a professional. I would say it’s a must if you are going to go through the effort to have a portrait session done.

Why do you want other women to have this experience?
Regardless of their size and shape, women are always their worst critic. Having a boudoir session is a great way to recognize your fabulousness and appreciate your beauty. Sherrie is consistently able to capture that little spark of sexiness and beauty. Her camera doesn’t lie and we all have it!

Anything else you would like to add?
If you are looking for a gift for the woman who has everything, a boudoir session with Sherrie would make an amazing gift. It will pay dividends for a very long time!