Wedding Photography

All of the details that go into a wedding need to be beautifully and artistically photographed. From the ceremony, family, flowers, candles, music, guests and even that beautiful climactic moment that this man and this woman became husband and wife need to all be captured in a life long memorable way. To cross the threshold into the rest of their lives and be side by side with the one that you love and who loves you in return carries no price tag. Rather it is joined with incomprehensible peace and joy. Every last detail of your wedding was perfect, right down to the look in their eyes when they said ” I do”. Your photos need to be as well.

Sherrie loves and cherishes the honor to shoot this amazing day and capture the magic for you and your future partner, creating a sequence of living art through photography. Sherrie has always felt it is a privilege to be the eyes on the other side of the camera wanting to capture all of the smallest to all of the biggest details of your day. Sherrie has been told from countless the brides and grooms, “wow” that day flew by and I’m so happy you captured it for us so we can relive it in our photographs for a life time. Thank you!