For a long time, food photographs tended to be shot and composed in a manner similar to the way people were used to encountering their food: laid out on a table setting and shot from an overhead perspective, i.e., from the point of view of the eater. Stylists accordingly arranged the food to appear good from above, with the items arranged flat on the plate and clearly separated from each other.

Food photography then changed to become much more sexy. Using romantic lighting, shallower angles and more props have come en vogue, with extreme cases leading to the term food porn. Most recently, the prevailing trend in Western commercial food photography, is to present the food as simple, clean and naturally as possible and with little props, often using effects such as selective focus, tilted plates, and extreme close ups and natural lighting. Or made to look like natural lighting. This complements trends in professional cooking to make the food more visually interesting.

Sherrie has much experience as a food stylist with 20 years experience.